Meet Steve

If you haven't met Steve Massengale personally yet, you need to. Just head down to his shop on 23rd in Lubbock and see him.

It's an experience you'll really enjoy.

You can talk politics with Steve. In fact, if you badmouth Obamacare to him, you'll probably get a discount on your next order from him.

You can talk to him about how to start a business. You could talk schools. You could talk family and RV trip ideas, which are a personal favorite of the Massengales.

Steve Massengale loves everything Lubbock. He wasn't born here. He came when his family brought him from Midland when he was in the fifth grade. But he's been making headlines and doing good here ever since.

One thing his friends will tell you is that when it comes to high taxes and big government, no one's more conservative than Steve. Why? Because he's been starting businesses since he was sixteen!

That's right, Steve started his first bona fide business when he was only sixteen. It was a lawn care company that employed young people just like him and did hundreds of thousands in business.

While most of us were watching football or going to the movies, young Steve Massengale was creating jobs, dealing with government regulations and building companies.

Steve's story is really the great South Plains, Texas story.

That story is about doing what you love. Working hard. Staying in touch with God and the values that "brung" us. Marrying a great woman to enjoy it all with. And going for it when the time is right.

Steve will tell you that all of the hard work volunteering in the community has paid off many times over. When times were tough financially, there was always someone in the community, who Steve may have met volunteering, who stepped in to help at exactly the right moment.

When Steve and Steph went through the toughest time of their life - when their newly born daughter, Audrey, was diagnosed with a terminal heart condition and had to go through open heart surgery, the community here lived through it with them.

All that's translated into Steve and his wife Stephanie, who's a lot prettier and smarter than he is by the way, being so happy to give much of their life together to help the people in our community achieve their dreams.

Helping others and improving our community has never been a burden. It's a gift.

Join Steve's campaign for State Representative. Because the problem with politics is that it's the opposite of what we know really works. It's just too distant from the people.

Neighbors helping neighbors they actually know is what works. Not a one size fits all, top down, "we know what's best for you" government.

In so many ways, local government is better government. Steve's learned it as President of the School Board. We all know it intuitively – because we're conservative, we get that one size does not fit all.

And while Austin's a lot better than Washington D.C., we're still making the same mistakes and falling into the same trap of using big, distant government to achieve goals rather than trusting the people at the local level to make the critical decisions for our children and with our tax money that will really improve people's lives.

Want to learn more? Call Steve or email him, today.

Steve on the Issues

More Local Control: YES
Limited Government: YES
Higher Taxes: NO
Develop Water Resources: YES
Pro 2nd Amendment: YES
Illegal Immigration: NO
Pro-Life: YES
Protect Property Rights: YES
Improve Public Schools: YES
Fight Obama: YES

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